Our Mission Statement


We are a loving, caring and serving Catholic community ambitious to educate the whole person to thrive personally, academically and spiritually by putting Christ at the centre of all that we do.



Our Vision & Ethos

Who We Are and What We Believe


All Saints is a Roman Catholic School guided by the teachings, traditions, spirituality and sacraments of the Catholic Church and is committed to Christian Gospel values. We look to Christ for leadership and inspiration and our school community is characterised by his example of love, caring and service. It is based on the practices of the Catholic Church.

God is present and alive in his people and can be discovered in our daily living and through participation in the sacraments. We believe that the gift of faith and a relationship with God is offered to each of us every day and we desire to create an environment in which it is possible to respond to that. Our vision and hope is to be a school community united in a common aim – to give of our best at all times in order to further the development and enrichment of each individual in God’s own image and likeness and to provide an experience of living in an outward-looking Catholic community. Our school motto ‘Fides, Caritas, Unitas’ (Faith, Love, Unity) encapsulates these beliefs and our chosen Form Saints and their special virtues underpin our daily practices and aspirations.

In this environment there is stimulus to grow and change. We learn to live together with respect and tolerance.  We warmly welcome those who do not share our faith and encourage all who work here to find God in all people by being welcoming to one another and offering peace and compassion where needed. We aim to encourage a sense of gratitude for all we have been given. We hope to express our belief in the uniqueness and dignity of the individual by encouraging mutual respect and the abundant offering of support, and the education we offer should enable all to develop their talents to the full and to fulfil their unique role in creation.

Prayer, reflection and the sacraments are the means to a relationship with God and the way we open ourselves to God. God and prayer mean different things for different people and in our school community we seek to foster and encourage the development and sharing of our different ways of experiencing God and expressing our spirituality. Reflecting on our daily lives helps us to be aware of God’s will in our lives and in the world around us. It enables us to recognise when we get things wrong, to ask for and give support in times of need, and to celebrate the many gifts and joys we experience.

The role of the Catholic school is to encourage and facilitate the search for God. It is also to foster a desire in each person, to contribute to the health and well-being of the local community, to the environment and to the future of the wider world. The overall purpose of our school is to prepare young people for their life as citizens in the local, wider and world community and to enable them to serve as examples of the best moral and spiritual values. Many of these values are those associated with our school motto and our nine Form Saints.