The majority of students will learn and progress through the normal pathway during their time at All Saints. However, we also have excellent support and provision for those with special educational needs. For those students who are identified as having special needs, a range of specialised strategies are used to ensure that they make the expected progress. This involves the effective inclusion of all students in high quality personalised teaching in lessons, supported by Teaching Assistants. We also provide access to specific support on an individual or small group basis. For those students with additional needs, we deliver specific and targeted intervention at times based on advice from specialists in a variety of fields.

All Saints offers, through the Independent and State Schools Partnership accelerated GCSE courses from Year 9 for more able students and extra curricular programmes for those identified as being Gifted and Talented. We work hard at bridging the nationally identified gap between the academic performance of boys and girls at GCSE level, through a wide variety of teaching styles and offer regular support sessions to suit individual learning patterns.

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