Curriculum overview


As a school we are committed to ensuring our pupils benefit from a rich and ambitious, knowledge-based curriculum that is specifically tailored to our school’s Catholic community.


Our approach is intended to ensure the following aims are realised:


  • Our school is distinctive in its Catholic nature and ethos and provides a religious education where Christ is placed at the centre of the school community
  • Pupils achieve their full academic potential and enjoy learning
  • Pupils acquire the knowledge, skills and cultural capital they need to be successful whilst at school and then beyond in their next stage of education, training or employment


Curriculum intent and sequencing


The curriculum is broad and balanced and supports our determination that all children enjoy a wide range of subjects and experiences. Across our curriculum each year is designed to build to the next. Curricula planning focuses core and subject content knowledge and skills to aid students’ knowledge recall, build their subject fluency and deepen their understanding.


Underpinning all aspects of the curriculum is our mission that we are “ambitious to educate the whole person to thrive personally, academically and spiritually by putting Christ at the centre of all that we do.” Our school values of faith, love and unity are central to our learning environment.


Religious Education is a core subject for the school and is allocated ten percent of the available curriculum time at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4.


Our ambitious curriculum matches the demands of the National Curriculum at each stage so that our students can meet and exceed age related national expectations. Our teachers effectively adapt schemes of learning to meet the needs of students in their classes. Across the wide range of subjects offered we robustly plan our progressive delivery to best secure our students learning and academic achievement.


Key Stage 3


Our three-year Key Stage 3 programme allows students to gain a broad knowledge in both the academic and culturally enriching subjects and make informed choices about their future pathway.


We value the importance of our core subject provision and ensure that sufficient time is allocated to these subjects to enable students to make strong progress. We encourage students to follow an EBacc route via an offering that includes a choice of three modern foreign languages. We also allow students to access a range of arts subjects including drama and music and promote engagement in the arts through lesson time and via enrichment opportunities.


All students access physical education on a weekly basis. There is one timetabled session per fortnight to deliver the bespoke “Personal Development” programme which incorporates all the required elements of the Personal, Health, Social and Economic education (PHSE) and Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) requirement.


Key Stage 4


We offer a range of academic and vocational qualifications to cater for the broad range of student needs and interests.


All students study the core subjects of English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Science and Religious Education at GCSE over a two year programme of study. Most students study Biology, Chemistry and Physics to achieve the Combined Science Award but studying them to achieve a separate GCSE in each (Triple Science) is also available.


The standard route is for students to make three additional choices to study for Level 2 qualifications, at least one of which must be a designated EBacc subject that contributes to the EBacc element of their Attainment 8 score. Students are encouraged to select a foreign language as one of their three choices but it is not mandated.


Personalised learning programmes are developed for students with additional needs. For all young people attending our school we provide an accessible and enjoyable educational experience that ensures academic success, develops life-long skills, and offers rich experience.


All Key Stage 4 students have a weekly entitlement to core Physical Education which involves a rolling programme of sports and activities and helps support the students’ physical and mental wellbeing.


Timetabled lessons supported by collapsed curriculum sessions ensures that there is sufficient time allocated to our bespoke “Personal Development” programme to cover all the required PHSE/RSE content.


Throughout their time at school, students are given an insight into the world of work via careers guidance in school and opportunities to gain exposure to real life workplaces.


Key Stage 5


A wide range of A Level and Level 3 qualifications are available via our sixth form. The typical student will be expected to study the equivalent of three Level 3 qualifications over a 2 year period.


A comprehensive package of enrichment opportunities allows students to gain wider experience beyond the subject curriculum. There is one hour of timetabled Religious Education each week for all students.