At All Saints we intend to utilise the funding to provide additional support to small groups of students that have not yet achieved a grade4/5 in Mathematics and / or English. Within this cohort, targeted student intervention will be focused on as follows:

Students that have yet to acheiev a grade 4 in English or Maths.

Students that have yet to achieve their grade 5 in Maths and English who require it for their next step.

Priority for tuition will be afforded to the most disadvantaged students based on their soico-economic background, SEND status and volume of disruption to their learning through COVID-19.

The funding will be used in the following ways:

  • GCSE exam re-sit preparation with focus on Maths this academic year- as there is no need identified for English.
  • Access to prevous examination scrpits
  • Bespoke subject support/catch up
  • Small group catch up