How is Science a sacred subject?

Science enables us to plummet the mysteries of the mind of the Creator of the universe and inform our world view through a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all levels of creation. Scientific exploration and discovery help students to recognise their potential and responsibility through the development of humanity and the dependence on their ability to discern how to make the right choices. Science encourages students to respond to the big questions of the purpose and meaning of life as it works in collaboration with other disciplines within the curriculum.





In our department every individual matters. We provide a wide range of academic and applied courses to give each student the opportunity to succeed and to prepare fully for a world of work in which a Science qualification is increasingly important. Our committed team deliver many extra activities for all ages: science club, debates, competitions, trips, weekly support sessions and more. We have strong teams of specialist teachers in Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Many of our sixth form students’ progress to study Science, Engineering or Medicine at Russell Group Universities. This usually includes several students at Oxford and/or Cambridge. Every year all of our Science results are amongst the best in York.


Science Curriculum

We teach a broad KS3 curriculum to mixed ability groups in years 7 and 8.  Through years 9, 10 and 11 students progress through different routes to study for AQA exams: some study for three GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics; others for Combined Science, receiving 2 GCSEs and a small cohort study Entry Level Certificate.

We have a large and successful A Level programme drawing students from across the city and further afield; this comprises of AQA Biology, Chemistry and Physics.


Extra Curricular Activities

KS3 lunchtime STEM Club, Y8 Olympiad Competition, Scientific Café debates (Upper School), Biology Field trip, Top of the Bench competition, Biology Olympiad and Chemistry Olympiad (Sixth Form), a wide range of events and competitions for Science Week as well as regular trips to University and further afield.

Departmental Facilities

We have eight well equipped laboratories with four experienced, specialist technicians to support our teaching.

Sixth Form Student Voice

“I have studied Science in two other schools.  This Science department is by far the best.”

Main Programmes of Study


We follow the National Curriculum to produce a general science programme covering Biology, Chemistry and Physics topics whilst also developing practical skills.

Year 7 Biology

Year 7 Chemistry

Year 7 Physics

Year 8 Biology

Year 8 Chemistry

Year 8 Physics

Year 9 Biology

Year 9 Chemistry

Year 9 Physics


  • Biology GCSE
  • Chemistry GCSE
  • Physics GCS
  • Combined Science GCSE
  • Entry Level Certificate

Year 10 Biology

Year 10 Chemistry

Year 10 Physics

Year 11 Chemistry

Year 11 Biology

Year 11 Physics


  • AS Biology
  • A2 Biology
  • AS Chemistry
  • A2 Chemistry
  • AS Physics
  • A2 Physics

Year 12 Physics

Year 13 Physics

Useful Websites

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Chemistry AQA Exam Board Website  (AS & A Level)
Physics AQA Exam Board Website  (AS & A Level)
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How to Revise Science


Science Revision Packs