How is Religious Education a sacred subject?

Religious Education is an integral part of the Catholic school, which is itself a community of faith. It is designed to support students to be increasingly able to make an informed and mature response to God in faith and to nurture that faith. Religious Education enables students to reflect on the Catholic belief that all our lives have meaning and dignity and that our gifts, talents, background, experiences, family and faith can help us to value the vocations which God reveals in our lives. Together students explore situations of wonder and mystery in life, considering how these situations can affect the way that we understand ourselves, our lives and the world around us.


Religious Education Curriculum Intent


Religious Education is at the Core of our School – As a Catholic School we believe that Christ is at the centre of all that we do. Religious Education gives us the opportunity to explore this specifically. We follow Diocesan requirements and teach according to the Bishop’s Directory for Religious Education. The Department consists of nine specialist  RE teachers with many years experience between them.

We aim to develop knowledge and understanding of Christianity, along with other religions in our society.  The subject focuses on Ethical and Philosophical approaches to life and develops skills of analysis, discernment and evaluation. Through this we encourage students to think deeply and develop their faith and their personal response to important life issues.

What We Teach

At Key Stage 3:

We follow a Scheme of Work that we have developed in house with guidance from the Diocese. The Scheme ensures that the content and assessment requirements of Middlesbrough Diocese are met and that the Catholic Curriculum Directory is fully covered.

Year 7 Core Knowledge

Year 8 Core Knowledge

Year 9 Core Knowledge

At Key Stage 4:

All students study RE to GCSE level. We follow the new Eduqas Religious Studies GSCE (Route B – Catholic Christianity with Judaism).

Year 10 & 11 Core Knowledge

At Key Stage 5:  

All students take an Enrichment RE course for one hour a week. This is a non-exam course which allows students to discuss and debate various ethical, philosophical and religious issues to enhance their studies. We also offer A Level courses in Religious Studies (OCR – Philosophy, Ethics and Theology) and Philosophy (AQA).

From Our Most Recent Departmental Inspection

“Standards in RE are outstanding, as is the quality of teaching and learning. Pupils demonstrate a genuine enjoyment in RE and many regard it as one of their most important subjects. This is demonstrated through excellent behaviour for learning and a mutual respect for their teachers and peers. Positive relationships in the classroom between pupils and teachers and amongst the pupils foster a climate of high achievement where the vast majority of pupils are working at or above their expected level.”

“Students have very positive attitudes to Religious Education and enjoy their learning. Strong supportive relationships exist at all levels, which create an atmosphere of mutual trust. Students are confident of expressing deeply held views, in the knowledge that these will be respected by others. They say that lessons in RE are interesting and relevant and feel that their personal views and ideas are valued.”

Extra Curriculum

Enhancing Our Students’ Learning

We provide “Quiet Days” (Day Retreats) for all KS3 students, and the opportunity for all KS4 and KS5 students to attend Residential Retreats

We work closely with the YoYo Christian Youth Group in the classroom, as well as in Assemblies, Services and other Extra-curricular groups, to enhance student experience of faith.

We are an integral part of the school Chaplaincy and work with our Chaplain, Chaplaincy Assistant, local Churches and the Diocese to provide a variety of faith experiences for our students.