Google Classrooms

To enable our students to continue their studies while at home please find here our Google Classroom Codes, Please be aware that this is a live document and should provide the latest information. If you need any support accessing the Google Classroom please ring the school office: 01904 647877

Learning Plans for All Saints RC School

As announced by the PM a new national lockdown came into force on Wednesday 6 January.

Our school will remain open to vulnerable children and children of critical workers only. Our students will continue to learn remotely until February half term.

Students will all follow their normal timetable and there is an expectation that all lessons will have live elements.

Training and support has been provided for staff, students and parents, for our remote learning strategy, which includes ‘How to Guides’, CPD in terms of how to use Zoom as well as parent meeting and communications regarding how we are delivering our remote learning.

All of our lessons are integrated through Google Classroom including the Zoom link posted for the start of every lesson. Once a register of attendance has been taken, staff will teach in a variety of ways. They will often begin with some staff input (as in normal lessons) but they will use a variety of teaching tools including, but not exclusively, narrated PowerPoints, exam questions, use of visualizers and videos, as well as assignments where feedback is given.

Teaching and learning will be tailored to the group as in normal lessons. Staff will be available for question and answer throughout the lesson, but how this is done will depend on the member of staff. Students will be expected to use exercise books and paper to write on in most lessons as we are aware that not all students will have laptops and may be using other devices.

Vulnerable students are expected in school and the Pastoral Team have been in contact with those families.

The use of the register every lesson means that our Attendance Officer can contact families where young people are not engaging and reasons why will be investigated and appropriate support provided to access the lessons.

Critical worker and vulnerable students who are present in school will be taught in the same way as their peers at home. They will log into the live lessons and complete their work.

Supervision of critical worker and vulnerable students will be carried out primarily by cover supervisors, PE staff who would normally be teaching core PE and TA’s, however, it will be necessary to use teaching staff on some occasions and on those days they will not be expected to provide remote lessons (parents will be informed).

Cover will be set for lessons by teaching staff and posted on Google Classroom if they are unable to work due to illness or having to take dependent care leave.